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Leak Logging Systems

Leak Loggers are acoustic leak detection devices left unattended to record, monitor, or detect leak sound typically at night or live. Night logging can detect leaks that may not be heard in the daytime due to system usage, meter or pump noise, or traffic and environmental background noises. With less background noise and higher pressures at night, smaller leaks can be found and not muffled by other sounds. Loggers can be portable in a lift-and-shift mode and moved around, permanent to listen for leak noise 365 days a year, or live to monitor for sound 24/7/365.

The SePem system can be installed as a temporary moveable deployment or a permanent monitoring deployment. We offer a rental try before buying program on the SePem 155 ten logger starter kit.

The LNC2 loggers are also correlating loggers that can be used as a daytime correlator or a nighttime logger and correlator.