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AQUAPHON AF50 / FERROPHON FG50 Indoor Leak Detector and Pipe Locator Kit


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This complete package solution based on the AQUAPHON® and FERROPHON® series offers the detection professional a range of possibilities for precisely pinpointing pipelines and leaks in buildings. The package includes an AQUAPHON® AF 50 receiver and FERROPHON® FG 50 generator. A sturdy case offers sufficient space to safely store the system components and can even be used to charge an FG 50 generator, an AF 50 receiver and headphones at the same time.

Your benefits of the AF 50 and FG 50 package solution

  • Optimized package solution for professional installers for pinpointing pipelines and acoustic water leakage in buildings. Excellent tool for plumbers and leak detection specialists.
  • FG 50 Generator and AF 50 receiver as well as system components included in a sturdy case
  • Excellent sound quality when pinpointing water leaks thanks to outstanding microphone technology
  • Accurate pinpointing thanks to easy-to-handle SK 3 search coil
  • Outstanding sound quality thanks to comfortable F8 wireless headphones
  • User-friendly water leak detection in buildings thanks to wide range of accessories
  • Reliable galvanic connection of FG 50 generator thanks to specially designed set of cables
  • Effortless carrying of AF 50 receiver on a belt
  • Professional pipeline detection (even long pipelines) when using 25 m cable coil
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This item only available for quotation and delivery to Ohio and Michigan. 

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