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Sewerin SeCorrPhon AC200 SDR Combination Leak Correlator and Acoustic Leak Detector


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Correlator and acoustic water leak detector combined:

professional – flexible – intelligent

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is a multi-functional leak detector offering three functions in one: pre-location, pinpointing and correlation. The clever combination of these processes in one system allows you to confidently locate the leak regardless of the ambient conditions. With just a few finger strokes, you can quickly and easily switch between the various applications.


The user interface of the SeCorrPhon AC 200 is clearly and logically laid out. There are many extra functions available for complex location scenarios. 

The high quality piezo microphones with frequency response optimized especially for leak detection and the digital signal processing offer outstanding acoustic properties. Thanks to the excellent sound quality and minimization of sound interference, you can reliably identify and locate leaks even if the sound intensity of the leak is weak or there is significant ambient noise. 

At the touch of a button the SeCorrPhon AC 200 will apply tailored filters to the current noises and will automatically select the appropriate frequency ranges. Alternatively, you can set manual filter limits according to your individual hearing and select frequency ranges which accentuate the leak noise. This allows you to concentrate fully on the leak without any sound interference. 

In addition, you have the option of recording leak noises with the integrated audio player and comparing them with each other. You can use these recordings for training or demonstration purposes or to create a noise database, allowing you to better evaluate leak noises on site.


All-in-one device: pre-location, pinpointing and correlation. The clever combination of these methods in one system allows you to confidently locate the exact source of the leak regardless of the ambient conditions. 

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is recommended for all users undertaking professional leak detection because it can handle any everyday location scenario. It can easily measure different pipe sections, pipe materials, diameters and pipe lengths. 

With acoustic leak detection, the current sound intensity is displayed as a graph and as a numeric value on the large and clear 5.7 inch receiver display. Alongside, you can see the previous values for better comparison as well as the current frequency analysis of the noise.


The sophisticated firmware of the SeCorrPhon AC 200 means that the measurement sequence is almost fully automatic. Once the pipeline data has been entered and the measurement started, all other steps are performed without the intervention of the operator. The measured noises are constantly analysed in the background and the optimal filter settings selected. 

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 guides the user through the various applications with instructions. This means that even users with less experience and occasional users can use the device with confidence. 

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 independently optimizes the measuring results by automatically selecting appropriate filters – without the user having to intervene. However, the filters can also be set manually.

One special feature of the correlator is its results-oriented, user-friendly on-screen display of the measuring results. Concrete information about the position of the leak is highlighted, instead of having to interpret complex curves. The quality of the calculations shown in the display provides the user with constant information about how reliable the measurement is. Thanks to the results-oriented view, the user can immediately implement further steps, e.g. confirm the location by acoustic means.

Two Versions:

  • Basic Kit - Receiver, Two Correlating Transmitters with two Microphones, Touch Microphone, Ground Wind Microphone, Case with accessories.
  • PLUS kit - Everything in the basic kit PLUS a Soft Soil Microphone

Literature Link (PDF file)

Now with enhanced functions:

Pinpointing of leaks

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 receiver is also available to buy with an optional integrated module for positioning. The GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module stores the current user position when a leak noise is identified. This means the exact geographic position of the leak can be associated with the noise, making it available for documentation at a later date. Noises stored temporarily in the audio player can also be subsequently associated with the appropriate location data once the measurement has been stored.

Optimized filter settings

Set the upper and lower filter limits simply and easily by clicking on the graphical representation of the leak noise. Alternatively, manual fine setting in 50 Hz steps is also possible. Select the required filter limit by pressing the key and then set the figure precisely.

Suppression of interfering peaks

The feature of peak suppression helps with optimization in situations where one area of the correlation function is selected and then suppressed. The graph is then normalized in accordance with the next smallest peak, making it much easier to identify. If more than one leak is detected within the correlation line, peak suppression can be used to separate the visible peaks from each other.

Measuring sound velocity

When measuring sound velocity, a second source of noise at a known location is created in addition to the real leak. Two measurements are then taken (one with the second source of noise and one without), and they are used to calculate the sound velocity on the measuring section. The measurements displayed on the receiver focus clearly on the second measurement, paying special attention to the position of the additional sound source. The result is rapid measurement of the sound velocity in just a few steps.

Documentation with WaterCom software

Measurements saved in an A 200, C 200 or AC 200 receiver can be transferred quickly and easily to a computer via USB. Just connect the receiver to the computer via cable and the measuring data will be transferred automatically.
It is possible to set up different user and customer data sets in the software. The position of the location for each measurement is shown on an online map (e.g. Google Maps). The locations on the map can be edited, meaning the exact position of the radio transmitter or damage detected by the ground microphone can be pinpointed exactly. It is also possible to add notes to any measurement or point of damage. The software can generate PDFs to produce paper documentation of any measurements.
Noises which have been recorded can be played back using the player integrated into WaterCom. If the software is used regularly to save measurements, it will start to build up a useful noise database. This can then be used, for example, to train new starters in leak detection in what to listen out for.

Hydrophones are an option for either kit for leak correlation on Plastic and other non-metallic pipe.


    Optional Hydrophone Kit
    For SeCorr C200/AC200
    Leak Noise Correlator

    Most leak correlators use microphone type sensors to pick up leak sound traveling down the wall of the pipe or tubing. Sound does not travel the same speed or distance on different materials. Sound on Plastic pipe travels only around 200' limiting the usefulness of most leak correlators in plastic pipe systems. The HYDROPHONES  are designed to listen for the leak sound in the water column rather than the pipe wall. Sound travels many times faster in water than on metal or plastic, so hydrophones can increase the performance on plastic pipe greatly. On the C200 and AC200 correlators, the correlation distance can be extended up to 1000' or more plastic pipe with using hydrophones. Hydrophones are connected to two hydrant hose nozzles to correlate for leaks between them. The hydrants do need to be flushed and pressurized with water to correlate. 

    Hydrophone Kit for SeCorr C 200 and SeCorrPhon AC 200:

    • 2 Hydrophones
    • 2 Fire Hydrant Hose Nozzle Adapters (National Standard Thread)
      (you may need thread adapters for custom thread specs)
    • 2 Cables to attach to correlator sensors
    • 2 Flushing hoses
    • Storage box custom cut foam insert

    Hard Hat Safety Helmet Headphones available as an option

    This item ships ONLY to Ohio and Michigan customers. Please visit to find the local distributor for other states.

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