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Sewerin VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas - Water Leak Detection with Trace Hydrogen


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  • $9,700.00

VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas
Water Pipe Leak Detection

The specialist for leak detection with tracer gas and hydrogen

The VARIOTEC® 460 Tracergas was developed especially for leak detection on underground pipes by using tracer gas. It is characterized by an outstanding price to performance ratio.

The extraordinarily low cross sensitivity of the gas-sensitive semiconductor (SC) with regard to moisture and methane ensures an absolutely sure result and a resolution down to 0.1 ppm H2.

Thanks to an innovative operating concept, a large display and simple menu structure, device operators can quickly get reliable results.

In combination with the bell probe D80 you can achieve outstanding reaction times.

The expanded measuring range of the thermal-conductivity sensor, up to 100 % vol. H2 easily allows for further measuring tasks.

Save your measurements and transmit the results using the USB interface on the computer.

The 4 AA-size rechargeable batteries can be charged in just 3 hours and the operating time is at least 8 hours. As an alternative, you can use disposable batteries.

VARIOTEC 460 Tracergas Basic Kit:

  • Variotec 460 Tracergas Unit with docking station
  • AC/DC and car adapters
  • Test Gas H2 Generator
  • Vario Carrying system (neck/shoulder straps)
  • Bell Probe
  • Localization (bar hole) Probe
    • (Other probes available as options)
  • Hydrophobic filter (1)
  • Probe Filter inlet (100 pack)
  • Fine dust filters (1)
  • Probe hose
  • Carrying Case

Tracergas is an alternative to acoustic leak detection when acoustic leak detection methods are difficult or impossible, as in these examples:

  • The leak doesn't make much sound, for example gasket leaks on new pipe where the gasket absorbs the leak sound
  • The leak sound can't be heard at the surface because of pipe depth, newly backfilled trenches with loose gravel or sand that are not settled or compacted yet
  • Soil types that do not carry sound well.
  • Small leaks where the leak sound is masked by excess background noise on the pipe or the environment.
  • Very small leaks such as those in a new installation where the leak is very small, but will not hold pressure for initial testing
  • Leaks where there are few assets to do direct contact with acoustic mics, or where the pipe location is unknown to do acoustic leak detection.
  • Leaks in slabs or indoor plumbing systems.
  • Leak detection when the lines are not yet pressurized or cannot be pressurized.


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