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Sewerin UT 9100 Multi-frequency Pipe & Cable Locator, with Remote Radio Link


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  UT 9100 Pipe & Cable Locator

A new dimension in pipe location

Locating underground pipelines and cables is a matter of precision. The more accurate the measurement, the lower the risk of digging up the wrong spot. Performance, practical handling and simple operation are just as important for fast and efficient work. Likewise, reliability, versatility and a sturdy design are also essential for obtaining measuring safely in difficult conditions and inaccessible environments. The UT 9100 is up to any locating task.

Cutting-edge technology for outstanding performance

The systems feature a multitude of frequencies, extremely long battery life, surprisingly simple operation and, above all, versatile functionality – allowing you to master any work challenge.

The UT 9100 R receivers are best combined with the UT 9012 TX generator, the most powerful transmitter in its class at 12 Watt. A UT 9005 TX 5 watt transmitter is also available. Both transmit 70 frequencies, have bi-directional communication with the receiver to adjust frequencies or power output, and have capability for transmit two frequencies on different lines with dual output.

The possibilities of the systems are phenomenal: find the optimal frequency immediately, connect two pipes at the same time or locate very long sections of pipe. Accurately locate pipes in difficult environments and all weathers, or reliably determine the depth of the pipe. 

So simple

Operation made easy

Use the UT 9200, UT 9100 and UT 930 systems without extensive training. The receivers and generators have a logical operating concept. The structured menus on the receiver and generator screens show both intelligible symbols and textual information, and thus reliably guide you to successful location.

Intelligent frequency selection

The UT 9100 R receiver can scan the ambient noise, detect any interference signals and suggest the optimal frequency for passive or active location. This speeds up your
work and makes location more reliable.


The balanced receivers fit nicely into the hand, ensuring ergonomic
carrying comfort and effortless work.

The right frequency for every task

Adjust the UT 9100 system to your needs. There are plenty of frequencies available for the receivers and generators. The desired frequencies can be enabled or disabled directly in the devices. However, if a frequency is missing, you can install it yourself in the receivers and generators using the UT configurator software. This ensures your
UT 9200, UT 9100 or UT 930 meets your personal requirements

Always ready for use

Reliable depth measurement

If the receiver is directly above a pipe, the depth of the pipe is determined automatically. The calculated value is the distance between the bottom edge of the receiver and the center of the pipe. The highly sensitive aerials in the receivers ensure above-average location success rates and exceptionally attainable depths.

Brilliant display

The display is perfectly legible at all times, even in the brightest
sunshine or in the dark. The clear and coherent layout of directional arrows and measurements makes work easier and reliably guides you to your objective.

Maximum availability

Benefit from extremely long operating times: 30 hours for the UT 9200 R, UT 9100 R and UT 930 R receivers, 100 hours for the UT 9012 TX generators. High quality batteries maximize the availability of the devices and mean that you can work without interruption and independently of external power sources.

Impressively efficient

Powerful performance

The UT 9012 TX generator transmits at 12 Watt, offering unrivalled performance. You can track signals for longer and reliably locate even the longest of pipe sections.

Precise depth measurement

If you're not sure about the accuracy of a depth measurement, you can easily and conveniently verify the values using the offset depth according to the 45° method (triangulation method). This gives you even more reliable and accurate results. The offset depth measurement returns first-class values, even when obstructions above the pipe in question prevent a direct depth measurement.

Handy remote control

The handy remote control for the receivers allows you to effortlessly toggle the frequency and performance of the UT 9012 TX  or UT 9005 TX generator from afar. This saves tedious running backwards and forwards, and thus time. If the generator is used with a "Y" splitter cable set and you connect two pipes at the same time, you can use the remote control to select which pipe you want to energize. Locate and mark one pipe or cable on the way out, and the other on the way back.

Avoid errors where there is a high pipe density

If there are many pipes close together, there is the risk that signals might skip over to adjacent pipes as a result of a phase shift in the current. If you use the direction recognition function, the UT 9200 R and UT 9100 R receivers show you if you
have left the energized pipe and are instead tracking a different pipe that the signal has skipped over to.

Automatic gain control mode

Long trunk mains can be particularly efficiently located in automatic mode. In this special mode, the receiver uses two different sounds to signal on which side of the pipe you are standing. The gain is automatically corrected so that a good signal is always displayed. Automatic mode means that pipes can be located quickly and efficiently.

Flexible use

Passive location

Passive location involves locating signals already present on cables or pipes with just the receiver. This method is ideal for active power and telecom lines as well as metal gas and water pipes.

Active location

With active location, the UT 9012 TX or UT 935 TX generator generates an electromagnetic field around the metal pipe to be located. The pipe can be energized by direct contact or – if there is no access – by induction. The process allows precise location results, even in challenging environments.

Location with probes

Using probes for the location process means that non-metal pipes can be located by inserting a glass fiber rod into the pipeline in question. The glass fiber rod is fitted with an embedded copper strand so that it can be energized by the UT 9012 TX
or UT 935 TX generator and located using the UT 9200 R, UT 9100 R or UT 935 R receiver. Probes can determine the path of the pipe in question very quickly and accurately. A sonde is used to clearly determine the end of the glass fiber
rod. These small, battery-operated transmitters generate their own electromagnetic field. In the UT 9200 R and UT 9100 R receivers, a special location mode for probes helps ensure precise location. The exact depth can also be measured. The sonde can also be used without a glass fiber rod. This opens up a wide variety of uses with pipeline cleaning pigs, channel cameras and other applications.


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 Kits Include:

  • UT 9100 R Receiver
  • UT 9005 TX 5 Watt Transmitter, OR UT 9012 TX 12 Watt Transmitter
  • Grounding Spike
  • Set of Single Cables (Y splitter cable sold separately as accessory)
  • Large Connection Clamp
  • Padded Vinyl custom carry bag

System accessories

Accessories vary according to model. Please see our product range for further information.

  • Splitter "Y" Cable for dual output
  • Cable clamp 5"
  • Flexible cable clamp AZ 14
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Fiberglass rods
  • Sonde
  • Cable drum
  • Valve box hammer and lifter

We are the factory authorized dealer for Ohio and Michigan only. Orders shipped outside this territory will be cancelled and referred to the local distributor. 

UT 9100, UT-9100 UT9100

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