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1 Lb Jar FLT YELLOW/GREEN POWDER - Bright Dyes Tracer Dye for water or wastewater leak detection

Kingscote Chemical

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Bright Dyes® Leak Tracing Powder products are ideal for applications involving large volumes of water, such as cooling towers, lakes, and rivers. They have a moderate rate of dispersion and are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and certified for to ANSI/NSF International Standard 60. Bright Dyes® leak tracing powders are environmentally friendly and designed to promote water conservation. You can feel confident in choosing our water tracing dye powders for all your applications.

Bright Dyes® Leak Tracing Powder products come in multiple sizes, including: 1-pound jars, 10-pound pails and 25-pound pails. To request a quote for these size offerings, or to inquire about custom sizes, please contact us.


Fluorescent Dye Powder Color: FLT Yellow/Green
  • FLT Yellow/Green vibrant color offers greater contrast in murky brown water
  • It’s fluorescent powder green dye properties offer greater apparent contrast than non-fluorescent blue
  • May be used for visual, ultraviolet* and fluorometric* inspections
  • Green dye fluorescent powder disappears in sunlight more rapidly than FWT Red dye and non-fluorescent blue
Fluorescent Powder Type: Green Dye Powder
  • Best for moderate to large volumes of water, more than 50,000 gallons
  • May be used for visual, ultraviolet* and fluorometric* inspections
  • Moderate rate of dispersion
Recommended Applications for Fluorescent Green Dye Powders:
  • Leak detection in large, closed loop systems
  • Power plant piping
  • Cooling towers
  • Lakes, rivers, ponds
  • Sewer and drain connections
  • Flow studies

Trust Kingscote Chemicals to be your provider for fluorescent green dye powders and dyes designed to conserve water and protect the planet. Find everything you need when it comes to fluorescent powder dyes in one place from Kingscote Chemicals. Shop our full line of fluorescent powder dyes today.


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