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Water Meter Readers

Devices for Reading Water Meters

Wired Remote Reading:

These are devices connected to a water meter meter by wire. There are Two classes of remote readers, Encoder based and Pulse based.

  • Encoder meters have an electronic capable register that can be interrogated by an external device to determine the reading from the register odometer wheels or electronic read. We can supply the VL-9 LCD remote for most encoder based output meters.
  • Pulse output registers put out an incremental pulse with each fixed number of gallons or cubic feet Pulse can be an electrically generated pulse from a powered register, or a contact switch closure with the pulse generated from the reading device through a loop design. By special order, we can supply readers and counters for pulse output devices.

Touch Pad Meter Reading

Touch meter reading is where the meter with typically an encoder register has a wire going to a remote magnetic coil. A touch reader sends a burst of energy to the meter by electromagnetic induction (similar to wireless phone charging), and the encoder responds with the reading and serial number. the reader then displays and sometimes saves that reading in a database.

Radio AMR

AMR stands for Automatic Meter Reading where meters are ready  in walk by or drive by mode with a Radio transmitter attached to meter and a radio receiver held by the meter reader or mounted in a vehicle.  The Kamstrup READy AMR system or the Kamstrup USB Reader are an examples of this.