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Long Range Remote Laser Gas Leak Detection

Laser range up to 200 m

With the new laser remote detectors SR-LD 800 and SR-LD 200, you will easily be able to detect methane gas leaks even over long distances of up to 200 m. A laser beam emitted by the detector is reflected on a surface (e.g. wall, ground). If there is any methane along the measuring section, the signal from the laser beam is attenuated by the methane. The device calculates the methane concentration from the signal attenuation. The devices ensure reliable detection and clear indication of leakage by automatically adjusting the zero point as soon as the distance changes.

Thanks to the large laser range, the devices make it easier to check exposed gas pipes, even in areas that are difficult to access, such as::   

  • industrial and biogas systems
  • bridge pipelines
  • very busy roads
  • fenced off areas

    High sensitivity
    Thanks to the very good resolution of the measuring laser, the devices achieve high sensitivity. The SR-LD 800 and SR-LD 200 are designed exclusively for the detection of methane and are not affected by cross-influences from other gases due to the TDLAS technology used.

    Short charging times
    Both remote detectors are extremely compact, lightweight and easy to use. The devices are charged in merely 2.5 hours and are ready to use at any time with a back-up battery also being provided. Automatic adjustment of the measurement lasers takes place conveniently in the case.

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    SRLD80, SR-LD-800, SR LD 800, SRLD-800

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