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The Kerf Cutter ST2 Valve Box Repair Kit


  • $89.00

Kerf Cutter ST2 Valve Box Repair Kit

Kef Cutter Valve Box Repair Kit

This is the ideal choice for water departments and municipalities. Its design allows for the valve box to rise and settle evenly with the road when grounds are either saturated or subject to frost heave, reducing the risk of damage by snow plows or heavy trucks.

The Kerf Cutter tool is used to cut and remove the broken top in a broken or protruding valve box. This kit is then used to professionally replace and seal the new valve box in place. The original valve box lid is just dropped into the new top to complete the job. You will need one of these for each valve box to be repaired.

Each Boxed ST2 Repair Kit includes:

  • Kerf Cutter slide 11" cast iron valve box top A low cost, long lasting, easy to replace and maintain solution to damaged or broken valve boxes. 
  • Kerf Cutter cutting wheel For precise cutting use with Kerf Cutter for long lasting repair. 
  • Kerf Cutter rope gasket - A moldable gasket seals between the new top and the old bottom or middle section. Gasket material may vary.
  • Kerf Cutter crack seal adhesive - A tube of asphalt crack sealer to fill any gap around the edges to hold in place and prevent movement.

Manufacture Authorized Distributor for Ohio and Michigan.

  • Shipping to Ohio and Michigan only. Contact us for pricing and shipping costs of 30+ units.

For use with the Kerf Cutter Tool Kit, click the link for more information. 

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